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About Plop Grizzly

What is Plop Grizzly?

Plop Grizzly is a company that develops high-tech software and video games. It was founded by Jeron Aldaron Lau in Roseville, MN, US.

We're currently in development on our first product, which is a video game called Plop Grizzly. Name sound familiar?

In order to create the Plop Grizzly video game, Jeron Lau has created a few open-source libraries for the Rust Programming Language. Libraries in Rust are called crates.

Think Plop Grizzly's Cool?

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If you'd like to sponsor us in something we need (work space, working computers [no OS necessary, we'll install Linux], a Mac and iPhone for porting) email jeronlau@plopgrizzly.com