Want to contribute to a project?

Here's how to get started!

Opening an Issue

If you'd like to report a bug, request a feature, or request support for a system, then you can open an issue.

Resolving an Issue

If you have found an issue that you'd like to resolve, create a pull request. You may also create a pull request without making an issue first if it's a simple enough change. Please run cargo fmt before making a pull request in order to keep consistent code style. By making a pull request, you agree that your patch becomes licensed under the project license. You may open an issue or pull request on either the GitHub or GitLab mirrors of the repositories.

Improving API and Documentation

API changes should generally be opened as an issue first. If you'd like to improve documentation, you can open a pull request without an issue.

Getting cargo fmt

Get cargo fmt through rustup component add rustfmt-preview. Please don't use the nightly version of cargo fmt or the Rust compiler. Plop Grizzly only uses the stable language features.


If you have any questions about the contributing process, or would like to communicate about it, contact me at All help in developing Plop Grizzly's projects is greatly appreciated.

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