July 6th 2018 by Jeron Lau

Yesterday I worked on making the official Plop Grizzly animation. You can check it out in the left sidebar. Just click on the Plop Grizzly logo to play the animation. This animation will be used in all of our games and apps for the loading screen.

I also decided to remodel the website. Seems like I'm always doing that!

-- Jeron Lau

How goes the Plop Grizzly video game?

June 30th 2018 by Jeron Lau


So far, we've been focusing on the graphics for Plop Grizzly. It's looking very exciting! Soon we are going to go heavy into the programming stage of game development using the new Cala Physics Engine, developed by us, Plop Grizzly.

-- Jeron Lau

Pitch Crate Release

June 11th 2018 by Jeron Lau

The pitch crate has been released. A small Rust library for quickly and accurately detecting the pitch and volume of a short audio sample using Bitstream Autocorrelation (BCF).

-- Jeron Lau

Christmas Screenshot!

December 25th 2017 by Jeron Lau

Plop Grizzly has a Christmas gift for you. A screenshot of the upcoming game, Plop Grizzly!

-- Jeron Lau

First Game In Development!

August 28th 2017 by Jeron Lau

We're currently developing our first product: A game called "Plop Grizzly"!

-- Jeron Lau

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